How can the Youth & Family Alcohol & Drug Counselling program help you?


Do you wonder if you’re using too much?

Are you worried about your parent’s substance use?

Are you worried about your child’s substance use?

We can help you decide if you want to make changes. We have free alcohol and drug counselling for young people. You can get help for your own use, or get help if a family member’s use is troubling you.

We care about making things better for you. We will treat you with respect, work collaboratively with you and take your privacy seriously. We can meet at our office, at your school, somewhere in town, or we can go for a walk and talk… whatever works best for you!

We can provide:

  • Information and education on alcohol and/or drug misuse
  • Help for youth who want to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Counselling for youth who are having problems related to alcohol and/or drug misuse
  • Support to parents who have youth involved with drug and/or alcohol use
  • Connect you with services that you might need, for example withdrawal management

See the FAQ’s for more information!

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