Mentoring services for children and youth ages 6-12, delivered by carefully screened and trained volunteers.

Offered in Campbell River and the Comox Valley, 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday.


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2020 Program Outcomes

Data gathered from voluntary client surveys

mentees were matched with volunteering mentors.

hours were given by mentors to provide positive role modelling for children and youth ages 6-18 through recreational based friendships.


of children and youth have increased connection to school/community.


of children and youth have improved self-esteem.


say KidStart is making a positive difference in their child's life.

““I love my time with my mentor.” 

- Mentee

I would give my mentor a 10/10 for being the best mentor ever because, well, we do lots of fun things together and I just really really like her.”

- Mentee

“This is the one relationship that has changed my son’s life inexplicably for the better in every way possible.”

- Mom of a Mentee

“Because of her mentor she is more centred and self-aware. I think it was because of being able to develop a connection with a caring adult that made her more willing to initiate other positive relationships.”

- Mom of a Mentee

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