How can the program help you?

This is a program for youth aged 12 to 19 who are requesting detox services on a voluntary basis. Youth can self-refer, or be referred by family, friends, social workers, probation officer, school, and community agencies. An average length of stay in detox for most youth will be 4 to 7 days. The stabilization period may last up to 6 months and will gradually involve the youth accessing more activities outside the home.

The detox/stabilization program provides a comfortable home-like setting for youth to withdraw from harmful substances. The youth reside in approved John Howard family carehomes. Most youth experience only mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs and alcohol. They need a nurturing supportive, safe environment in which to detox. After detox, youth may then access a stabilization bed in a family carehome to begin rebuilding their lives. Stabilization involves attending our structured day program where youth may participate in school, counselling, recreation, and/or life skills activities.

Program counsellors will work with the youth to set their own goals of what they want to work on while in the program. Education, harm reduction, and relapse prevention are emphasized.

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