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How can the program help you?

Are you fighting with your parents?

Do you need help talking to your teenager?

We have free family counselling and have the ability to respond quickly, usually within 48 hours. The counsellor can meet with youth or parents alone as well as youth plus parents/caregivers. So, even if the other ‘side’ doesn’t want to participate we will try to help. We offer a secure, safe and confidential environment where family members can be open and honest about what is happening, knowing there will be no judgements. We will listen carefully to understand what the issues are (including any safety issues) and help you decide what the next steps should be. From time to time we have a young person or parent feel the counsellor is taking the other’s side, but we do our absolute best to be neutral. Our goal is for families to become more stable and peaceful, learn different ways to communicate with each other, and have a better understanding of resources in the community.

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