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How can the program help youth?

While living in the care home, the youth will be able to:

  • Continue his/her education by attending a local high school
  • Access group and one-to-one counselling
  • Participate in recreational and social activities
  • Learn new skills in the areas of job readiness and independent living
  • Work on other goals he/she may have

What does the program do?

The program provides a safe and stable home for the youth to live in Campbell River while attending YSOTP group and one-to one counselling. While living in the home, he/she will attend school and be involved in counselling, as well as other activities he/she may be interested in – at school and/or in the community.


What does the program offer?

While living in the care home and attending school, the youth will have a support team which includes the caregiver, youth forensic psychiatric services counsellor, an intensive support and supervision worker, and you.

This team will help the youth be successful with attendance and participation in his individual and group counselling; his school work; goals he may have around employment readiness, recreation, and life skills.


Is there a standard expected outcome?

The youth will be successful in completing the treatment program, abide by the conditions of his order, and able to move out of the care home and back to his community.

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