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Donors get the satisfaction of supporting local kids in their community to be successful. Children and youth that are linked to mentors are more likely to complete school, develop healthy relationships with peers and family, and less likely to initiate alcohol and drug use. Contributions to KidStart are contributions towards healthier communities as a whole.

KidStart relies on fundraising and grant writing to provide services to vulnerable children and youth in our communities. Donations can be made monthly or as a one-time contribution, and charitable tax receipts will be provided.

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KidStart Champions

For more information, please contact:

Tara Jordan

KidStart Coordinator

Campbell River


extension: 113

Cell: 250-203-1111


Wendy Thurlborn

KidStart Coordinator

Comox Valley


extension: 335

Cell: 250–898-4842


Steve Ayers

KidStart Program Manager

Campbell River


extension: 116


Vicki Luckman

KidStart Program Manager

Comox Valley


extension: 324


2017 Program Outcomes

Data gathered from voluntary youth client surveys

mentees were matched with volunteering mentors.

hours were given by mentors to provide positive role modelling for children and youth ages 6-18 through recreational based friendships.


of families said that the menttees are doing better in school.


of mentees felt that they have improved self-esteem.


of families believe that KidStart is making a positive difference in their child's life.

“As a school counselor, I have had the opportunity to work and interact with many children with varying degrees of social and emotional challenges. Through my work, I have learned that the most important mitigating factor in helping to develop resilient children is for kids to have a strong mentoring relationship with a trusted adult. While most of our children have this type of relationship with a parent or a family member, the vulnerable few are not so blessed. The KidStart program goes a long way to fill that void in our community.”

- School Counselor, Comox

“Before my son had a mentor he was headed towards a very self-destructive path…he would get in fights at school, be in the principal’s office at least twice a week, use very bad language, sit around the house not wanting to do any activities, and have no respect for his family at home. Since meeting his mentor, he has improved already with having someone that can spend time with just him…he has not had any fights at school or been in the principles office yet this year. He does not swear anymore, thanks to a chat about inappropriate language from his mentor. He looks forward to the activities that he and his mentor are going to do for the week. No more just sitting around the house fighting with his brother.” 

- Mom of a 10-year-old Mentee

“My granddaughter has more pride and confidence because of her mentor’s commitment over the years. She was patient and helped her understand things about life and the difficulties she faced. Her mentor encouraged and coached her to her best at school. Raising grand-kids is hard and this program has helped me more than words can say.”

- Grandma of a 18-year-old Mentee

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